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Version: 0.93.0

Boolean Counter


This processor monitors a boolean value and counts how often the value of the boolean changes. A user can configure whether the changes from FALSE to TRUE, TRUE to FALSE, or BOTH changes should be counted.

Required input

A boolean value is required in the data stream and can be selected with the field mapping.

Boolean Field

The boolean value to be monitored.


A user can configure whether the changes from TRUE to FALSE, FALSE to TRUE, or all changes of the boolean value should be counted.

Flank parameter


  • TRUE -> FALSE: Increase counter on a true followed by a false
  • FALSE -> TRUE: Increase counter on a false followed by a true
  • BOTH: Increase counter on each change of the boolean value on two consecutive events


Adds an additional numerical field with the current count value to the event. Events are just emitted when the counter changes. Runtime Name: countField