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Apache StreamPipes Documentation

This is the documentation of Apache StreamPipes.

StreamPipes Overview
🚀 Try
Your first steps with Apache StreamPipes:
Install StreamPipes 🔗
💡 Concepts
Learn about some general concepts of StreamPipes:
Overview 🔗
📚 Pipeline Elements
Available pipeline elements in StreamPipes:
Adapters 🔗,Data Processors 🔗,Data Sinks 🔗
⚡ Deploy
How to set up StreamPipes in test and production environments:
Docker 🔗,Kubernetes 🔗,Use SSL 🔗
🔧 Technicals
👪 Community
Get support and learn how to contribute to StreamPipes:
Get Help 🔗,Contribute 🔗
🐍 StreamPipes Python
Discover what we offer for the Python world:
Python Documentation 🔗