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Runtime Wrappers


In general, StreamPipes has an exchangeable runtime layer, e.g., the actual processing of incoming events can be delegated to a third-party stream processing system such as Kafka Streams or Apache Flink.

The default runtime wrapper is the StreamPipes Native Wrapper, called the StandaloneWrapper.

Although not recommended for production, we invite interested developers to check out our experimental wrappers:

Assigning a runtime wrapper to an extension service

Runtime wrappers can be assigned in the Service Definition of the Init class of an extension service:

public SpServiceDefinition provideServiceDefinition(){
return SpServiceDefinitionBuilder.create("org.apache.streampipes.extensions.all.jvm",
"StreamPipes Extensions (JVM)",
.registerRuntimeProvider(new StandaloneStreamPipesRuntimeProvider())

Please let us know through our communication channels if you are interested in this feature and if you are willing to contribute!