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The easiest way to install StreamPipes is our Docker-based installation. For production-grade deployments, we also recommend looking at our Kubernetes support, which is also part of the installation kit.


The Docker-based installation requires Docker and Docker Compose to be installed on the target machine. Installation instructions can be found below.

Install Docker

Go to and follow the instructions to install Docker for your OS. Make sure docker can be started as a non-root user (described in the installation manual, don’t forget to log out and in again) and check that Docker is installed correctly by executing docker-run hello-world

Supported operating systems​

The Docker-based installation supports the operating systems Linux, Mac OS X and Windows 10 upwards. Older windows versions are not fully compatible with Docker. Linux VMs running under Windows might cause network problems with Docker, therefore some manual work might be needed to make StreamPipes run properly.

Web Browser​

The StreamPipes application itself will be accessible through a web browser. We recommend a recent version of Chrome ( best experience), Firefox or Edge.

Install StreamPipes​

  • 1
    Download the latest Apache StreamPipes release and extract the zip file to a directory of your choice.
    FileVersionRelease DateSignatures
    apache-streampipes-0.93.0-source-release.zip0.93.0SHA,Β PGP
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    In a command prompt, open the folder installer/compose/ and run docker-compose up -d , or you could try the Quickstart mode with predefined example asset. Please follow the Docker Deployment to explore this new mode.
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    Open your browser, navigate to http://localhost:80 (or use the domain name of your server) and finish the setup according to the instructions. The default login credentials are, password admin
  • Setup StreamPipes​

    Once you've opened the browser at the URL given above, you should see the StreamPipes application as shown below. At initial startup, StreamPipes automatically performs an installation process. After the installation has finished, continue by clicking on "Go to login page", once all components are successfully configured.

    On the login page, enter your credentials, then you should be forwarded to the home page.

    Congratulations! You've successfully managed to install StreamPipes. Now we're ready to build our first pipeline!

    Errors during the installation process

    In most cases, errors during the installation are due to an under-powered system. If there is a problem with any of the components, please restart the whole system (docker-compose down and eventually also delete the volumes). Please also make sure that you've assigned enough memory available to Docker.

    Next Steps​

    That's it! Have a look at the usage guide to learn how to use Apache StreamPipes.