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Data lake measure


Bases: Resource

Implementation of a resource for data lake measures.

This resource defines the data model used by resource container (model.container.DataLakeMeasures). It inherits from Pydantic's BaseModel to get all its superpowers, which are used to parse, validate the API response, and to easily switch between the Python representation (both serialized and deserialized) and Java representation (serialized only).


Returns the dictionary representation of a data lake measure to be used when creating a pandas Dataframe.

It excludes the following fields: element_id, event_schema, schema_version. Instead of the whole event schema the number of event properties contained is returned with the column name num_event_properties.


Pandas representation of the resource as a dictionary, which is then used by the respource container to create a data frame from a collection of resources.

TYPE: Dict[str, Any]