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Apache StreamPipes release 0.66.0

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The Apache StreamPipes (incubating) community is proud to announce Apache StreamPipes version 0.66.0! This release is our first official Apache release and brings some very cool features and improvements the community has worked on over the past months.

The latest release brings major improvements to the live dashboard, the notification system, multiple new pipeline elements and StreamPipes Connect adapters, a simplified installation, more deployment options and a variety of bug fixes and minor improvements. The current release can be downloaded here.

User interface

This release introduces a completely redesigned live dashboard. The old dashboard had some issues, most importantly, widgets could not be freely moved on the dashboard panel and the layout of dashboard widget was not persisted. With the new dashboard, users are able to customize and layout widgets in a much easier and more powerful way. The dashboard brings the following improvements:

  • Multiple dashboards can be created and viewed
  • Widgets can be flexibly resized on a grid
  • More configuration options for widgets, e.g., change the color and appearance of widgets.
  • A presentation mode allows to display a live dashboard without the navigation bars.

The new dashboard has full feature parity with the old dashboard in terms of available widgets. The new architecture allows us to integrate even more visualizations with less effort in the upcoming versions.

In addition, the notification system has been significantly improved. The new notification view now offers a chat-like interface which allows you to select notifications per pipeline. The history of notifications is fully available and can be opened by scrolling to the top - similar to the behaviour of popular messaging services:

A technical note: Both features are part of our current effort to gradually migrate AngularJS components to Angular 9 (2+), now leaving the pipeline editor the only component that is still implemented in AngularJS. Once the editor has been migrated as well (which is currently targeted for the upcoming release 0.67.0), we'll be able to release global UI features (e.g., better user management) in a much faster way.

Apache StreamPipes Extensions

We also added several new adapters to connect data sources and pipeline elements:

  • We added several new processors for handling boolean values, which are targeted towards better processing of PLC data.
  • processors-geo-jvm includes more processors for geo operations, e.g., distance calculation, speed calculation and more.
  • processors-text-mining includes several processors relevant for text mining (e.g., chunking, language detection)
  • New adapters for NETIO power sockets, and several new sinks (e.g., MQTT and Eclipse Ditto)

Installation & Deployment

The community also improved the installation process. Now, the installer offered for download includes all three supported deployment options and tools:

  • The installer, targeted at users, with installation scripts for Linux, MacOS and Windows
  • The CLI, targeted at developers, for configurable deployment of individual services
  • Helm charts for Kubernetes

A very cool new feature are Docker images for ARM, which allow to run StreamPipes on a Raspberry Pi. This will be part of an upcoming blog post on running Apache StreamPipes at the edge.

From now on, users are no longer required to enter the server IP upon startup, which should further reduce errors at installation time.

Other features and improvements

  • Connect adapters expose their own icons and documentation.
  • The UI has been upgraded to Angular 9 and the build has more optimizations enabled, leading to significant performance gains.
  • Pipelines are now auto-saved, so that you can resume building your pipeline after refreshing the browser.

See the release notes for a complete list of new features and improvements.


We are absolutely open to your suggestions for further improvements! Let us know (by mail or twitter) and we'll consider your feature request in the next release!

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