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StreamPipes release 0.65.0

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We are happy to announce StreamPipes version 0.65.0! This release brings performance improvements related to the installation process and further reduces the minimum hardware requirements to run StreamPipes.


If you're installing StreamPipes using the provided installer, you might have noticed that the initial setup takes some time: Docker images are downloaded, all dependent microservices are started and the RDF-based database that we use internally to store pipeline elements is initialized. On less-performant hardware, this process could take a few minutes. For this release, we optimized the installation process:

  • You don't need to provide your IP address during the installation process anymore - StreamPipes now runs without manually providing an IP address.
  • A new initialization screen is shown in the StreamPipes user interface that automatically disappears and guides you to the setup process once all mandatory services are running.
  • The setup process in the user interface should now be much faster due to some changes related to the caching of pipeline elements.

Lite version

To further reduce the minimum hardware requirements to run StreamPipes, we added a new Docker container to the backend that includes all data processors and sinks that depend on the lightweight JVM wrapper. Flink and other modules are excluded. This approach allows to test StreamPipes with less memory (e.g., on a laptop) while still having a larger set of pipeline elements installed.
We now recommend a minimum of 4GB RAM for the StreamPipes Lite version (make sure that the RAM is also assigned to Docker Desktop), but our tests have shown that the memory consumption of the StreamPipes lite version is around 2GB.

Pipeline Elements

  • 0.65.0 includes some new data processors: A CSV enrichment processors that allows to enrich events with metadata from CSV files, an event counter and some processors that perform operations on boolean values, e.g., coming from PLCs.

Other features and improvements

  • Use the latest Flink version 1.9.1
  • We improved the OPC-UA adapter, e.g., you can now directly set the URL of the OPC-UA server.
  • Proper error messages are now shown in the pipeline view in case something goes wrong during the start of a pipeline.

See the release notes for a complete list of new features and improvements.


We are absolutely open to your suggestions for further improvements! Let us know (by mail, slack or twitter) and we'll consider your feature request in the next release!

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