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StreamPipes release 0.62.0

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StreamPipes version 0.62.0 has been released! While the last version brought many features under the hood, this new version totally focuses on features and improvements visible to end users. The new version is available on Docker Hub and can be downloaded using our installer.

For this release, we focused on improving error handling in the pipeline editor, added more pipeline elements, added more adapters to StreamPipes Connect and, added a documentation on available pipeline elements.

Pipeline Elements

Pipeline elements are the most important part of the StreamPipes toolbox. Although pipeline elements can be easily developed using our SDK, we aim to provide as many ready-to-use elements as possible to provide you with meaningful data harmonization and analytics features right from the beginning. StreamPipes v0.62.0 brings many new data processors and data sinks, an overview can be found here.

Pipeline Editor

To better support users while developing pipelines, we improved the verification of user input in the pipeline editor. Users now get hints (directly shown in the pipeline assembly) on missing pipeline elements and error messages are shown if invalid values are entered while configuring pipeline elements (see the screenshot below). In addition, the editor now disallows adding new pipeline elements until the active pipeline element is fully configured, otherwise, the element is marked with a red alert symbol, which makes it much easier to discover modeling errors.

Pipeline Element Verification

One feature request which was coming from one of our users was to better understand what pipeline elements are doing. For that reason, we now added a feature that allows to see a full documentation of any pipeline element directly in the pipeline editor. Once users start to configure a new pipeline element, the documentation can be opened:

Pipeline Element Documentation

StreamPipes Connect

We added more adapters to StreamPipes Connect. Besides generic adapters such as frequently used protocols like OPC UA, MQTT and Kafka, Connect now also includes some new open data adapters and adapters for web APIs to make starting with StreamPipes more funny and easier:

  • A Slack source to connect Slack channels with StreamPipes
  • A Coindesk sources that allows you to get the latest Bitcoin rates
  • A Wikipedia sources to get latest edits and created articles from Wikipedia
  • IEXCloud adapters to provide access to stock quotes and news from IEXCloud (an API token is required).
  • A ROS source to access data from the Robot Operating System (ROS)
StreamPipes Connect


The documentation for pipeline elements that is shown in the pipeline editor is now also available in the online documentation. Navigate to pipeline elements to see an overview of all pipeline elements that are currently provided by StreamPipes.

Other features and improvements

  • Adapters can be sorted and filtered in StreamPipes Connect.
  • Labels and descriptions of pipeline elements can be provided by external resources files as a first step towards internationalization.
  • We upgraded the UI to the latest Angular version 7 and drastically reduced the size of the UI source bundle, which reduces loading time.
  • Stream requirements are now correctly ordered

See the release notes for more details.


We are absolutely open to your suggestions for further improvements! Let us know (by mail, slack or twitter) and we'll consider your feature request in the next release!